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Colehosting.com - professional grade designs and hosting


Colehosting.com was created with the customer in mind. Designs are created at an affordable price, good optimization for search engines, and plenty of options to create the website exactly to your specifications. We deal with each customer 1 on 1, and do not stop until you are happy.

Our hosting will make you forget that we are even here, which is exactly how it should be. Offsite backups and multiple gigabit connection to the internet will keep your website up and running. Of course if you do run into any problems, our support is always here to help.

The Design

We have thousands of templates for you to choose from so that you can be sure of a website to your specifications before we even start. Not only that, but our websites are coded entirely in XHTML & CSS, making for many unique advantages for your website including:

  1. Search Engine Friendly Code: XHTML produces pages that search engine spiders find easy to understand. There are no presentational elements or bloated code to confuse the spiders, so they'll crawl everything that matters and rank you accordingly.
  2. Design Consistency: With CSS, the same style elements can be applied to every page of a site. From the first page forward, your visitors will be presented with a consistent design scheme, building their comfort level and effectively promoting your brand.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Changes to CSS web page designs are simple. Instead of having to go back and alter every single page of your site, with CSS only the relevant style sheets have to be updated, saving you hours of work and limiting the introduction of possible errors.
  4. Cleaner Code: Adherence to strict guidelines results in cleaner code. All extraneous or ambiguous elements are eliminated, so pages are smaller, load faster, and render correctly.
  5. Interoperability and Accessibility: XHTML is currently readable by the greatest number of browsers, devices and assistive technologies like screen readers. Accessibility is quickly becoming a legal issue.

The Hosting

We realize that every customer has different needs, so we offer many different plans to use. We can install shopping carts for those that have E-commerce on their websites using the widely tested and used Zencart system. We also offer content management systems such as Mambo to gain added control over our website. Custom scripting is also not a problem if it is so needed.

Every hosting account does come with several basic features:

  1. Custom E-mail: yourname@yourdomain.com for a more professional look.
  2. SPAM Guard: Keep the SPAM out of your mailbox with our SpamAssassin solution.
  3. PHP and Perl: Make your website more dynamic with custom scripting languages.
  4. MySQL Database: Hold information and easily search through it.
  5. Offsite Backups: Weekly backups are done for every website to ensure reliablility.
  6. Custom Control Panel: No confusing control panel that requires a manual to read. Just our own simple, yet powerful solution.


Please contact us at any time, using which ever method you prefer. Phone: 888.259.5785 or e-mail: sales@colehosting.com

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