Custom Databases

We specialize in special needs, such as websites that require custom dabases and scripting to get going. Typically, we will meet in person or speak with you on the phone in order to get the specifics of what your website requires. Then we write up a quote sheet which specifically lists everything that will be done along with how much we will charge based on how many hours we estimate it will take.

Other companies may end up charging you more than what they quote, but with us, a quote is firm. Even if we take more time than we estimated, we will not raise the price above what we quoted.

What is a custom database? This generally means you have an idea that just a simple "static HTML" website cannot do. For example accepting payments and credit cards, an online accounting system for your business, or an e-commerce solution.

What programming language do you use? We use PHP with MySQL databases.

How much will a custom database cost? Because each database is very different, we quote each one individually. We handle database needs anywhere from $100 - $20,000 in cost. Contact us for a free quote.

Can I run credit cards on my website? Yes, we frequently do these kinds of websites. E-commerce is becoming more and more popular. We can set you up from beginning to end to accept credit cards on your website. We can assist you in setting up an account.

Do you do PayPal? Yes, we can also help you accept payments through PayPal.

Order Now or feel free to contact us for any questions or your own custom quote.

We partner up with Dharma Merchant Services for credit card solutions. They donate a portion of every sale to a charity of your choice.

We are also a certified developer for

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